You can show LensAdvizor buttons for any product on any page. To do this:

  1. Go to your Sales Channel > Online Store Theme > Customize
  2. Click on App Embeds in the far left icon menu
  3. Turn on "LensAdvizor Quick Buy"
  4. Modify your theme code wherever you would like the button and inject the following:

{% liquid
    assign lacollectionId = ""
    unless request.page_type == "collection"
        for collection in product.collections
            if collection.metafields.lensadvisor.collection_id  != blank
                assign lacollectionId = collection.metafields.lensadvisor.collection_id
        assign lacollectionId = collection.metafields.lensadvisor.collection_id
  data-la-product-id="{{ product.id }}"
  data-la-variant-id="{{ product.selected_or_first_available_variant.id }}"
  data-la-product-json="{{ product | json | escape }}"
  data-la-flow-id="{{ lacollectionId }}"
<script type="application/json" data-lensadvizor-product="{{ product.id }}">{{ product | json }}</script>

Replace product and collection variables with the product and collection variables used in your theme code.

The Problem

"Processing the orders manually took so much time that I simply couldn't scale." It's 2019. Ming, one of our co-founders and owner of Rocket Eyewear, has just hit his first million in e-commerce sales. He's projecting a significant increase in profit for 2020...ifhe can scale his prescription lenses sales for the higher demand. But as it was, it was impossible to keep processing prescriptions manually- there were too many emails and too long of a lead time. Poor feedback was common, since people hated waiting weeks for their prescription to clear and their glasses shipped.

Enter: LensAdvizor.