In order to translate text in LensAdvizor, or to set different text in English, copy and paste the contents of this file into LensAdvizor > Settings > Advanced: Custom JS Injector.

Please be sure to check the locale you are translating for and enter the desired locale for the translation. For example, for Spanish you would use "es" as the locale and put this in the first line between the quotes.

If you have multiple locales enabled for your store through Shopify Markets, you can find the locale code as the first part of the URL after the domain name. For example, for https://mystore.com/en-intl/products/abcde, the locale code is "en-intl". LensAdvizor supports multiple locale codes, so you can copy and paste the entire contents of the file into the Advanced: Custom JS Injector, once for each locale.


The Problem

"Processing the orders manually took so much time that I simply couldn't scale." It's 2019. Ming, one of our co-founders and owner of Rocket Eyewear, has just hit his first million in e-commerce sales. He's projecting a significant increase in profit for 2020...ifhe can scale his prescription lenses sales for the higher demand. But as it was, it was impossible to keep processing prescriptions manually- there were too many emails and too long of a lead time. Poor feedback was common, since people hated waiting weeks for their prescription to clear and their glasses shipped.

Enter: LensAdvizor.